Welcome to the Thortles NFT Club #THAGMI

5000 unique NFT's with weekly Odin and Thor node giveaways to Thortles NFT Club members on the Avalanche blockchain

About Us

The Thortles NFT Club is a collection of 5000 unique NFT's from the realm of Asgard. The Thortle Gods of Asgard seek to make all Thortles NFT owners wealthy.

By holding a Thortles NFT, you are entered into a giveaway each week where you can win Asgardian wealth. Where do the rewards come from? As soon as all 5000 Thortles have been minted, we will be investing 70% of the capital into Odin nodes on Thor.financial. These nodes payout rewards and each week we will gather these rewards and conduct a giveaway. As long as you are holding a Thortles NFT, you will be entered into the giveaway.

Winners will be getting paid out in Thor Tokens and will receive enough to create an Odin node (currently 78.125 Thor tokens). You can then either create a node for yourself, or sell the tokens and keep the money (to buy more Thortles!).

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Thortles NFT Club

Thortles NFT Club

Total supply:

NFTrade Collection: https://nftrade.com/assets/avalanche/0xd8c...

Smart Contract: 0xd8cb25acbf8bfb10deb75c4cd6b8a376005...

Thortles NFT Club - Special Edition

Thortles NFT Club - Special Edition

Total supply:

NFTrade Collection: https://nftrade.com/assets/avalanche/0xcf3...

Smart Contract: 0xcf394a5a277f2b1ab4628752255b2bf9ff41...

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 5000 Thortles NFT's in total, although 150 (so far) have been sent to Valhalla (the burn address). Holding one of these Thortles NFT's gives you access to our Thortles NFT Club where members are automatically entered into our weekly giveaways. The weekly prizes consist of Odin or Thor nodes generated from our Odin nodes on thor.financial. Weekly giveaways will be paid out in Thor tokens: 78.125 Thor for Odin node winners, and 12.5 Thor for Thor node winners.

Thor tokens are the native tokens of a fantastic project found at thor.financial. On their site, you can create a node that can earn you passive income for life. We believe in this amazing project, but currently it is quite expensive to buy their highest tier node. We want to make it more accessible to those who want to generate a passive income but can't afford a Thor or Odin node.

Besides owning a unique piece of awesome artwork, you will also have other benefits that we have already added (or plan to add) such as giveaways from other projects. You will also be automatically whitelisted for our future projects.

Besides owning some nodes ourselves, we aren't affiliated in any official way with the thor.financial project.

During the first mint, we minted just over 1000 Thortles. As there are 5000 (now 4850) Thortles in total, we wanted to sell another 1000 to add some more Odin nodes for the project. The more Odin nodes we have, the more rewards we can generate each week, which translates to more prizes for everyone.

When the 2nd mint is finished, the breakdown will be the same as for the first mint: 70% goes towards buying and setting up Odin nodes, 20% goes to the team and the remaining 10% goes towards marketing and dev work.

Each week, starting with 1 week after the initial mint, we will use a Random Number Generator to select the winners. The giveaways will be done live and can be followed along on our Google Sheets link (posted before each giveaway). The Odin nodes are given away every Sunday at 7pm PST and the Thor nodes are given away every Wednesday at 7pm PST.

Each week, a lucky Thortles Club member will win enough Thor Tokens to create an Odin node. There will also be secondary prizes comprising of enough Thor tokens to create a Thor node for a bunch of lucky Thortles Club members. The number of secondary winners each week will depend on the price of the Thor token at the time of our investment. The more nodes we can initially create, the more winners we will be able to have each week. We want to have as many winners as possible!

After the mint finished, we invested 70% of the capital from the NFT sale into Odin nodes on thor.financial. As soon as the nodes were created, they started earning Thor tokens. 8 days later, we hosted our first giveaway and then weekly after that.

Just sit back and relax. The tokens will automatically be distributed to the winning wallets straight after the giveaway each week. To see your winnings, make sure you have added the Thor token to your MetaMask wallet so it will automatically show you your Thor balance if you win. Or connect your wallet to the thor.financial app where you can see your Thor token balance as well.

Definitely! Although you can only win once each week, you might still win more Odin or Thor nodes over the coming weeks. It all depends on how lucky you are!

All winning NFT's and will be posted on our website as well as in our twitter and discord, straight after each giveaway.


Project Creation

  • ✅ Original Website/Minting DApp construction
  • ✅ Thortles NFT artwork design and completion
  • ✅ Smart contract creation, testing and deployment

Project Launch

  • ✅ Website/Minting DApp deployment
  • ✅ Discord server opened to the public
  • ✅ Thortles NFT Club listed on various NFT listing sites
  • ✅ Social media presence/marketing campaign (ongoing)

Thortles NFT Club Minting

  • ✅ Pre-sale minting for whitelist addresses
  • ✅ First 1000 NFT Public mint (Gen 1)
  • ✅ Listed and verified on secondary marketplace (nftrade.com)
  • ✅ Gen 2 Public mint (1,000 NFT's) (ongoing)

💰 Thortles NFT Club Giveaways

  • ✅ Investment into Odin nodes from thor.financial
  • ✅ First weekly giveaway takes place; rewards distributed in $Thor tokens (February 20th)
  • ✅ Giveaways held on a weekly basis (ongoing)
  • ✅ Thortles Rarity Tool added to website
  • ✅ Website updated with new features
  • ✅ Special Edition mint (free) for OG holders
  • ⏳ Additional members benefits TBA
Thortles NFT Club